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Who We Are
Gilontas Ocean Group is a collaborating group of professionals providing services both on land and at sea.  Our experiences include handling fisheries located in different countries worldwide. Thus, operating fleets of fishing vessels in oceans throughout the world according to regulations set out by all Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs).
Our Team
The organization operates around 100 vessel.  Vessels including, FRP Longliners, Super frozen vessels, Jigger vessels, Carriers, Torch light vessels and Purse Seiners.
Our Base
Gilontas Ocean Group has been assisting fleets to establish bases for over 30 years. We recruit, train and assist with professional trading knowledge. We have established bases in Indonesia, Fiji Islands, American Samoa, Trinidad, Panama, El Salvador, Brazil, Ghana and Gambia etc.

Our Partnership
Gilontas Ocean Group acts as an agent to assisting the fleets to supply fish to Japan, America, and EU. We have been supplying high quality fresh tuna to these markets for a long period of time, and have good ratings in the market as one of the world’s best fresh fish supply chain.

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